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  • Created: 05-02-19

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  • Air Conditioning Melbourne


    We at Thumbs Up Plumbing provides the best technicians facility for the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioner. Our Air Conditioning Melbourne Service is the best service as we have years of expertise, we give services at the best prices…

  • Thumbs Up Plumbing


    Thumbs Up Plumbing is a well-known company for providing plumbing services. We have services for all types of system installed in the house which requires plumbing work.  We are available for the service in all the corners of Melbourne, so whether it is…

  • Drains Cleaning Ballarat


    Hire the professionals of Thumbs Up Plumbing and get exclusive and comprehensive services related to drain cleaning. The drain cleaning work is supported by various services like Electric Drain Cleaning and CCTV Drain Camera. The services are meant for…

  • Thumbsup Plumbing - Air Conditioning Melbourne


    Choose Thumbs Up Plumbing for Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne!!! During the summer weather, air conditioners are used commonly as those not only cool the residences and offices, but also diminish humidity and control temperature. However, to enjoy this…