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  • Federation House Insurance


    Federation charms even the todays generation. Valuer need to take in to account the steep pitched terracotta roof, sash timber windows, turned veranda posts with fretwork and corner brackets, kiln dried hardwood door with lead light glazing, traditional…

  • Under Insured


    Under Insurance occurs when the agreed insurance is not enough to cover the restoration of the insured object. In case of a home building this can lead to the claimant to end up rebuilding a house smaller or with a lower quality than what the insured…

  • Over Insured


    Over insurance occurs when you pay an excess premium unnecessarily. This occurs when the agreed value of the insurance far exceeds any rebuilding costs. This does not mean the insurance will pay you the agreed value in case of an unfortunate event, as…

  • Pre Auction Valuations


    Pre Auction Valuations are conducted by valuers to assist the owners to decide on a reserve for the auction. These valuations are based on the market conditions that include environment factors and the position of the property. Various factors affect the…

  • Pre sale Valuations


    Pre Sale Valuations are conducted by professional valuers. The valuer will inspect your property inside out and take all the details necessary to determine the value. In the process the valuer will look at current market conditions and the position of…

  • Hospital and Medical Centre Rental Valuations


    Hospital and medical Centre rental valuations are a different beast itself. These rentals need to be valued based on the rentals of similar properties. Consulting suites in a well known hospital are different to a shop strip consulting suites and…

  • Hotel, Pub, Tavern and Motel Rental Valuations


    Hotel rentals need to be assessed as per the various factors that affects. Valuer need to be careful to ascertain the value based on the attributes attached to the property. Various attributes affect the property include the geographic location, proximity…

  • Electronic Shop Leases


    Electronic resellers are a very popular form of retailing due to the Australians who love to be tech savvy and want to have the latest technology. Valuer need to be aware that some of these leases has a turnover component and there are statutory…

  • Child Care Centre Leases


    A lease for a child care centre is usually a long term commercial property lease between a landlord and tenant. It is important to the valuer to familiarise with the many steps involved in leasing a child care centre. Regular turnover, life of lease,…