Perhaps you have been training Thai boxing Sydney in NSW for some time but you feel like your strikes are not explosive enough. Maybe it is time to consider training Muay Thai with some conditioning and strength exercises. It is of utmost importance to strike with the correct technique. Before you start worrying about having powerful strikes, you need to ensure that your form is on point and that you are applying Muay Thai techniques correctly. You should remember that you should start by mastering technique and speed will naturally follow. https://eightlimbs.com.au/training/boxing/

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    We offer Muay Thai, Boxing, X-Training, Cardio, Weight loss, Strength Training, Calisthenics and more. How to find the best fitness centre? If you want an answer to this question, you must know about Eight Limbs. With us you can get the best trainers and…

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    For your best training we introduce various options as per your requirement. We trained you by the best trainer and give you better training. We focus on kids training also and manage a special training session. For more detail visit :…

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    Eight limbs is providing a proper training of kick boxing and also give you an atmosphere of gym and fitness. We know your need and train you from the best trainer. 

  • Right Direction For Your Fitness


    Many persons get result through boxing and you will end up developing more defined and powerful legs and arms but all these things you get when you choose the right instructor and the right gym like Eight Limbs because analyse your body and give you the…

  • Get A Best Fitness


    Boost your Fitness with Eight Limbs. We ready people for the boxing competition and as well as grow your fitness. We also conduct group training from our best trainer. For more detail visit: http://eightlimbs.com.au/training/boxing/