The damage caused to homes & businesses because of lack of sufficient pest control, amounts to hundreds of millions of pounds a year. In Wollongong, damage caused by mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, bird mites, flies, ants & many other ordinary pests are becoming unmanageable. Without pest control services, these little nastiest can because building damage, spread illness & even put people into monetary ruin. But that’s not the worst part. The really bad news is that this type of harm can happen very fast. Bed bugs will not allow you sleep while cockroaches will spread illness under your very snout. Mice and Rats will also spread sickness not forgetting the damage they cause to your property. As mention in the news there has been an unexpected rise with the infestations of bedbugs in the Wollongong with Wollongong being hit the hardest. Call now to avoid more damage to your possessions and enjoy being pest free. Our expert group of pest controllers works throughout Wollongong. Whether you have a pest control urgent situation and you want one of our pest controllers to visit you straightaway, or you’d like to timetable a pest inspection survey at your property, we are here to assist. Our pest controllers have a huge amount of knowledge working in both residential and commercial properties. They will fully assess the extent of the pest trouble and will discuss the recommended treatment plan with you. You will be given information on how to prevent the pests from returning. We are fully trade credited. All our pest controllers are members of the Pest Control Association, the Wollongong’s leading trade association for pest control. When you book an Aspect pest controller you can be positive of getting the professional help you are looking for. Our pest controllers are on call 7 days a week to visit properties with pest emergency. They are equipped with the most up-to-date technology for controlling pests and are accomplished at eradicating all of the pests commonly found in Wollongong properties. Bed bugs Moths, moth larvae and carpet beetles Rodents; rats, mice and squirrels Fleas Wasps, bees, hornets and ants Cockroaches and beetles Flies and maggots. Our knowledgeable pest controllers know how simple it is for pests to move between properties in Wollongong. When they come across recurring pest troubles we can hoist the recommended treatments with managing agents, housing associations, private landlords, commercial landlords and other homeowners. Our pest controllers will give you with information on how pest set up themselves in properties and possible signs of them being present. Once we have resolved you pest problem our plan is to help you prevent them from returning again.

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