Amico The Garden Managers

20 Bourke Street, Queens Park, NSW 2022

1300 427 336


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Our comprehensive range of gardening services encompasses every aspect of lawn and garden maintenance needed to allow your garden to thrive, including soil nutrition, threat control, general trimming and cleaning services.

To make the most of your garden plants, trees and shrubs, Amico gardening service specialists will exhaustively rid the landscape of any unwanted or damaging weeds. Fallen leaves, stray litter, forgotten toys; gardens accumulate rubbish over time. Our teams will rid your landscape of unsightly scraps and have it looking fresh and tidy in no time.

In addition to rubbish removal, our Amico specialists are available to give your garden or landscape an overall, general cleaning if time, use and weather have taken its toll on your surroundings. To know more about our services visit or call us 02 9389 4002.

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