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How do men get rid of breast issue? You should know about it now.

Now a days, there are several men in the world who are suffering an excessive enlargement of their breast. Some of them lost self-confidence because of what happening to them. Male Gynecomastasia is the main reason why some men have an excessive enlargement of their breast.

Dr. Yunaev recommends surgical options such as liposuction alone or mastectomy and liposuction in combination, depending on the nature of the gynaecomastia, whether it is mostly glandular or fatty or a combination of both. These are well-tolerated procedures and often performed as day surgery. Occasionally, when the skin has been stretched for a long time, removal of the contents of the breast pocket is not enough, and the skin may need to be removed as well.

The main benefits of male breast reduction surgery include:

-Removal of the excess fat and glandular tissue caused by gynecomastia
-Desired permanent results with less discomfort
-A small amount of recovery time
-Guaranteed surgical safety

To learn more about this procedure, you can reach us by visting or simply CALL US at (02) 9819 7449.

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