Want to get rid of your irritating saggy neck? Dr. Hodgkinson's expert team can help you with that.

If you have a sagging neck that bothers you then you have a few options for improvement depending on your age and ageing. For the under 40's who still have good skin elasticity and do not have sagging platysma (neck bands) then there is still the possibility of liposculpture to regain definition and a more youthful looking neck. Once elasticity is gone, however, there is no effective option other than a surgical neck lift.

Neck lift surgery in Sydney should be performed as a part of and with every full Facelift in both women and men. When addressing the sagging of the jowls or jawline during a facelift, if you stop at that point you make the face look unnaturally tight as it does not appear in isolation from the jaw, chin and neck.  Neck lifting addresses the area from the jawline all the way down to the collar bones and should seek to get rid of the not only the "turkey neck" but age defining "rings" around the neck where possible.  A neck lift may only require the same incision lines as the facelift but in the majority of cases it is impossible to get a good result without a small incision just behind and underneath the chin.

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