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Mattress Cleaning Melbourne should be your first choice when selecting a professional mattress cleaning service.
As a certified mattress cleaning technician I travel Melbourne's suburbs daily making myself available for those who require a professional mattress cleaning service.
I am able to rid your mattress of dust mites and remove the toughest of stains. I'm always discreet and pride myself on being available at very short notice.
Mattress Cleaning Melbourne delivers exceptional cleaning results every time and our pricing structure guarantees that you get this service at an extremely competitive price.

Mattress Sanitising is the extraction and dust mite sanitation of both sides of your mattress. This process leaves your mattress free of dust mites, their eggs and dust mite excrement. The extraction process also rids your mattress of dead skin, the primary food source of the dust mite and leaves your mattress in a much healthier state. The benefits to you are a sound and restful nights sleep and waking up without the sneezing, itchy eyes or coughing that dust mite allergies can cause.

Your mattress is treated with an anti allergen solution and an anti dust mite sanitiser which protects the mattress from any re-infestation of dust mites for up to 6 months. The process is virtually dry except for the treatments which will leave the exterior of your mattress slightly damp for 20-30 minutes. All treatments are US/EPA, USDA A-1 tested and approved and are completely safe for you and your family. The combination of my products and process have shown fantastic results in relieving the symptoms of allergies and asthma in and around the bedroom.

Mattress cleaning is required for spills, stains or odours and is most effective when used in conjunction with the sanitising process. Mattress cleaning is required for urine, sweat, blood and all other bodily secretions. Mattress cleaning is a wet process where I use different eco friendly products and stain removal techniques to remove the offending spills, stains or odours.

In most cases, cleaning stains from mattresses is most effective within 24 hours but results are still positive on even the oldest of stains. The stain removal products and techniques I use can leave your mattress a little damp so depending on the severity of the stains and your drying conditions, your mattress may need between 6-12 hours of dry time.

My two part treatment used for urine or vomit on a mattress is very effective. Immediate knock down of odours is accomplished as part A combines with part B. Urine and Vomit are neutralised and your mattress is once again odour free. While the mattress is being treated highly concentrated enzymes consume the organic sources within the vomit or urine. The combination is truly effective.

I will make every effort to remove any spills, stains or odours keeping in mind that I am only licensed to carry products that are US EPA, USDA A-1 approved. These products are completely safe for you and your family.

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