Color loss can be caused by many things, things such as Spilt Bleach, Urine, Sunlight, Carpet Detergents and just usual wear to the carpets, Heavy traffic areas that get used a lot on a daily basis will ultimately start to lose its color. We have 100% professionally skilled staff that have all completed for the modular training solutions and have passed the expert Re-dying of Wool and other fibres courses. They have worked extremely hard to make sure that they know everything about this form of repair, how to mix the colors, how much product to use and so on. We would not want to cause any damage to your carpets. They will perform a series of tests before hand to make sure your carpets fibres are appropriate for this repair method, one of which will be a burn test. This will require a small fiber from  your carpet to be removed and burnt, the response to the flame will assist us determine what type of carpet you have. Our Professional Carpet Repair and Restretching Adelaide service allows us to Fully repair a damaged area of your carpet, for example if you have a Burn mark, Pulled Threads, an Accidental Cut or Tear, you do not require to panic. We can now repair these issues for you speedily and for a reasonable Price. All of our staff have taken the necessary Training courses and gained the necessary experience to perform this service. All we require to complete this service is one of our Irons, a piece of Carpet from an Unnoticeable area of your option, or if this is not an option and you can maybe obtain a sample piece or cut off from the original shop that the Carpet was purchased .The process for this service is very Straightforward and can be complete in a reasonable time allowing you to continue with your day.

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